Sunday, 15 April 2007

Birmingham Recording Day.

No problems. It's amazing how these things come together. We recorded the two completed pieces and the extra material for the piece that will involve the other musicians too. Time did feel a bit tight but we set limits on how many takes we would do and moved on when neccessary. Obviously we don't sound like a band that have been together for years but it does sound good. A nice blend of Albanian and African music with a bit of my guitar thrown in.

It was Blerim's birthday on the day we recorded and you can see him here pictured with his birthday cake. I would like to point out to funders that we purchased the cake with our own money and had the birthday party in the tea break time.

This is Isata the coordinator of the transnational project. Isata makes sure everybody knows what's going on and that they are in the right place at the right time. She also deals with endless amounts of forms and paperwork as in the picture above.

This is the sound man Tom doing his thing on the desk at the end of the day when we all sit on the sofa asking things that make his life harder. We recorded at Artisan Studio in Moseley, Birmingham. A nice studio built into the owner Jon Cotton's house.

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